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This website serves the Timber Ridge at Gateway - Fort Myers, FL residents with information about their community. Here you will find HOA documents, pool information, an events calendar, community forums and other useful information. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas for the website!

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    • Fire Hazard:
      To: All Timber Ridge Residents
      Subject: Fire Hazard

      In the past month there was a dryer fire in a Timber Ridge home.  Because of that fire I check the dryer vent on my dryer and found it to be completely plugged with lint.  I was getting evidence of a problem when I notice water on the floor next to the dryer after use. Also the dryer seemed to take much longer to dry the cloths.

      In our house the dryer vent goes up through the roof which adds to the problem of lint collecting in the vent pipe.  By using a flashlight and a mirror I was able to see that the vent pipe was completely plugged with lint. Through multiple trips to the roof and running a semi-ridged snake up the vent pipe, I was able to unplug the vent pipe and it is now blowing dryer air out the roof.

      For those of you that have the dryer vent pipe going up through the roof, I would highly recommend that you check it for excess lint in the pipe.

      On a recurring basis, I will be going up on the roof to see that the air coming out of the dryer vent pipe is flowing with a good flow of air.

      Bob & Connie Roessler
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